At The Rivers Church we know that the top spiritual influencers on children today are in this order: 1) Mom, 2) Dad, and 3) Grandmother.  With that information in the forefront of our planning, The Rivers Church wants to equip and support families to shape our youngest most tender hearts to love God and love people.





On Sunday mornings TRC children get a scripture to work on at home that we also work on in class, a Bible lesson, and lots of talking and singing about God and his Word.  We also send home some extra enrichment activities to reinforce the Sunday morning lesson.  


Very soon we will release a parenting support blog called, "As You Walk".  We believe that scripture tells us how to pass our faith on to our kids. Deuteronomy 6:7 tells us to talk about the Lord when we rise, when we eat, when we walk along the way, and when we lie down.  We want to help parents with this task. Each week you will be able to receive a reminder to log on to the TRC website and receive a weekly plan to share the Lord and his teachings with your kids.  Each plan includes a scripture, some devotional thoughts for parents and practical real life ways to teach your children.





At The Rivers Church we fully believe and are committed to Psalm 78:4, we will "tell the next generation the glorious deeds of the Lord."   


We know that may sound simple because it is!  God loves us so much that he sets us up for success.  He knew we needed simple instructions. That is his plan, not ours.  At The Rivers Church we want to love and serve our neighbors.  


As we "Go & Love", our plan is to go as families.  Moms and daughters serving together.  Fathers and sons helping others.  Older members pouring into our kids and sharing stories of their faith as they bless others together is one of our goals. The world will know we are Christians by our love.

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